eting for the first time tonight, Greg would have thought Ely was xhamster. com a food critic. Greg walked back exhamster to the car as Ely paid the bill. When Ely walked out of the restaurant he saw Greg staring back up the freeway in the direction they had come. He stayed quiet while Greg said his silent goodbyes. Greg www xhamster.com turned when he heard Ely approaching and quickly wiped his eyes. Ely saw the streaks down Greg's cheeks and not caring who may be watching he hugged Greg and pulled his head into his shoulder. He felt Greg smear his face into his t-shirt, wiping his eyes. "Closure," he xhamster japanese whispered in Greg's ear. "It is good for you." They got in the car xmaster and Greg touched Ely's xhamester arm. "Dude?" he asked. "Do we have to go to a hotel? I'm too excited to sleep anyway and I wanna get farther away. I can drive if you're tired." "Actually I slept most of the day; hamsterxxx knowing this was going to be a long night," Ely answered, and grinned teasingly hamster sex at Greg. "However, x hamster.com I wasn't thinking of sleeping..." "Ah!" Greg laughed and reached between Ely's legs and played with his bulge. "In that case - we're plenty far away." They entered the hotel room, xhamster porno dropped their suitcases, and Greg immediately used his body to xhamster .com pin Ely against the just closed door. They stayed at the door making out xhamester and groping each other for several minutes. "I need a shower," Greg told Ely when they broke their kiss. "I hope it's big enough for two," Ely said. They held hands xhamster indonesia and walked into the bathroom. Greg turned on the water, and while the shower warmed up they slowly stripped each other naked. Greg bent over, took Ely's socks off and stood up. He took a xhamster de couple xhamster photo of steps back and eyed the young Ely. "I never seen you in the light," Greg said while his eyes took in the jet black, shortish cut hair. Ely's eyebrows www.xhamster were just as black as his hair. Ely smiled and struck a pose for Greg. His chest was xhamsters.com baby smooth, www.xhamster.com prominent pecs behind two large nipples. Broad shoulders and narrow hips with a xhamster granny nice cock standing straight up and his ball sac hanging between almost hairless thighs. Some guys have buff, muscular bodies that anyone could tell at a glance were gym bodies. Not that they didn't look good, but their muscles were the result of regular workouts. Ely's body was different. Muscular but not overdone. His muscles looked like they came not from regular workouts, but from regular work. Like he had spent xhamster live all his life xhamster free porn doing heavy physical labor. It was xhamaster a more natural look, a real look. Greg salivated taking in Ely's body from head to toe. Ely, still smiling, turned around. His back looked just as good. Still smooth, almost no hair on his legs. Wide shoulders with a V shaped torso and one of the cutest little bubble butts around. Greg simply said, "You're beautiful!" and went to his knees to kiss Ely's ass. He stood up and took Ely by the hamster porn hand and they stepped in the shower. Immediately they wrapped xhamstercom their arms around each other and the water soaked their hair and ran down their bodies as their tongues explored each other's mouths and their hands explored each other's backs. Greg once again pushed Ely up against the wall and they ground their dicks together and reached between them and stroked each other and played with each other's butts and tickled each other's holes. Greg pushed Ely down in the tub and turned around to straddle him and they sucked each others' dicks up in their mouths. The water kept streaming down their bodies as each sucked the cum out of the other. Neither spoke xhamster free but each were thinking the same thing: Greg kept some of Ely's cum in his mouth and turned around and laid on top of Ely in the tub. His tongue slid into Ely's mouth and Greg found that Ely also saved some cum and they made out and passed their cum to xhamster tube each other until it dissolved. They stood up and slowly, sensually soaped each other down. They took turns with the handheld shower and xhmaster rinsed each other off, playfully kissing and tickling each others' dicks and holes and licking hamsterporn each other's nipples and pits. They took towels and dried each other off, all without saying a word. Ely took Greg's hand and led free xhamster him to the bed. They didn't even pull hamster the blankets down, but laid on the bed and for a long time their bodies didn't even part. Ely spent some time and some cum on top of xxx xhamster Greg and then they rolled over and Greg fucked Ely and shot a load of cum into his gay xhamster ass. xhamster odir They lay between each other's legs and sucked each other's site xhamster.com xhamster dicks clean and ate each other's butts and gave each other such a tongue bath that they had to take another shower that xhamster sex lasted as long as hamster xxx the first one with even more cum splatting on the shower floor. Back on the bed they turned down the blankets and laid facing each other. Greg ran his hands over Ely's chest. "Is this real?" he asked. "Real? I don't understand." Greg's hand cupped Ely's balls. "Is this really you - or xham is it how you want me to see you?" Ely smiled, "It is really me," he answered. "This is exactly how I looked when I was really 18." "Wow dude! You're stacked!" Greg grinned. Ely kissed Greg. "I lived in a small village where everyone was farmers. I spent every day working in the fields, tending the crops, taking care of the cows and horses, chopping wood. Hard work does a body good, but I wasn't the only one. All the men were very well built." "Did you have a boyfriend?" Ely sighed xhamter deeply. "Ah yes! There was a lad the same age as me. We used to sneak off every chance we got and he was wonderful. But in those days marriages were very much arranged. He took a wife that his father had chosen for him. He had no other choice. Her father secured employment for him xxx xhamster that required them xxx hamster to move far away to London. I never saw him again." "Damn!" Greg said. "That's some tough shit." Ely wrapped his arms xhamsters videos around Greg. "Obviously that was a long time ago. About six hundred and xhamster indian xhamster ten years or so. But I don't www xhamster.com need to worry about that any more. I have you now," he reached around and cupped Greg's butt. "And you are more than worth the wait!" Greg had said that he was too excited to sleep but he was wrong. The tension of the last few days finally caught up with him when free porn both of them were finally spent. The sun was just coming up, so it was good that Ely had the foresight to pay for two nights. He slipped the "Do Not Disturb" sign on x master the xhampster door, went back to the bed, grabbed the blankets, and tucked an exhausted and sleeping Greg hamsterporn in. He got in bed and Greg snuggled up to Ely. Being alseep and dreaming can often show how a guy really feels. Greg turned in his xhamster.com sleep to face Ely and snuggled up to him the same way a small child - frightened by a raging thunderstorm - will jump into bed and xhamster mature snuggle up to his dad where he felt safe enough to fall back to sleep. Ely pulled the blankets over them and whispered to Greg, "Don't worry my xhamster lesbian love - I'll take good care of you." ___________________________________________________________________________ CHAPTER freeporn TWO The EMT's wheeled the stretcher into a cubicle in the Emergency Room while the paramedic reported to the ER staff. A nurse came in, nodded to Ely, and took Greg's pulse, temperature, and blood pressure. hamsterxxx After she xhamsters left, Greg slowly turned to look at Ely. "Can I just go this time?" he asked hopefully. Ely leaned down and patted www.xhamster Greg's shoulder. "Yes," he said. "It is safe now." Greg xhampster.com sighed. "I don't mind telling you," his voice was shaking, "I hurt. I hurt all over. I'm ready to xhamster free end this however I must." Ely smiled, hamster.com "In the last few minutes all your pain will go away. You will feel good again." Greg managed a small smile. The last few years were xhamster pictures tough on him. The arthritis wracked his body. He could barely walk but tried whenever he felt able. In the house he was mostly confined to a wheelchair. He and Ely were very active throughout his life and he hated xhamster stories having to stop doing this and stop xhams doing that, as the elderly are forced to do. Bit by xhamster video bit his life xhamster mobile ended even though he was still breathing. His head was bald, he was dangerously thin where he porno xhamster used to be buff. He hated looking at himself in the mirror and tried instead to see the Greg he used to be instead of the Greg he was now. Ely kept reassuring him that it was only temporary. After the change was complete he could be eighteen again any time he wanted. "I would porn be satisfied," Greg said weakly, "If I could just walk again." "You will freeporn do that and more," Ely promised. hamster x "Much more." "I suppose," xhamster granny Greg said. His hand shook, but he managed to reach over to clasp Ely's hand. "You haven't steered me wrong yet." The nurse stuck her head xhamster video in the room and asked to speak to Ely outside while the doctor examined Greg. Ely left the room and https //xhamster.com the doctor began his exam. He was xhamster gay impressed that Greg wasn't a complainer, but laid stoically while xhamster vintage the doctor poked and prodded. Greg decided against running the battery of tests the doctor mentioned, and the doctor didn't argue. After he left, Ely returned and fussed over Greg some more. "The nurse was warning me," he told Greg, "that it was time to say our goodbyes, and the doctor agreed with her." Ely snickered, "If they x hamester only knew that this is just the beginning." "I feel ready," Greg whispered. "It feels like it. It feels like it's time," he opened his eyes wider and looked at Ely hopefully. "Did you call any of the boys?" "Yes," Ely assured him, "They are on their way. Most of them should start arriving very soon. I think you have time for that." Again Greg sighed deeply. xhamster free porn Ely saw his eyes mist over. "I am not looking forward to that," Greg said while staring ahead. "I must make my goodbyes to them real." "I'm afraid so," Ely said gently. He took a cloth and wiped the sheen from Greg's forehead. "We can't take a chance on them seeing you again, you know that. I never promised you that x hampster this part would be easy. You are, after all, ending your human life, and you must leave xhamsterlive that life behind." "Yes, xhamster porn yes, you've told me that more times than I care to count," Greg said. "Especially hamster tube the last few years." He squeezed Ely's hand a bit, "I am not looking forward to it, but I am ready. You did a good job xhamster japan with that. x hamsters You did a good job with everything." That job started years ago when Greg and Ely arrived at Ely's home in Florida. . . They took turns driving, and after disciplining themselves a little bit and not stopping at each rest area on the way xhams to have a good fuck, they drove through Florida xhmaster and just south of St. Augustine the next afternoon. "Why St. Augustine?" Greg asked Ely with a somewhat knowing look on his face. "You were here then, weren't you? This was the first permanent town in this country and you were one of the first to be here, right?" Ely laughed softly. "I wasn't actually the first," he told Greg. "I was on the second or third boat, though." "Seems like there'd be a lot more people for you to feed off of back in Europe. Why come here where there weren't anybody?" Ely smiled and nodded, xhamster desi "One of the other passengers was with me." He reached over and patted Greg's thigh again. "Patience, Greg, patience. I have to ask you to wait for many years, but all will be clear to you xhamster jepang in xhamster pictures time." "Oh man!" Greg rolled his eyes. "I don't know if I'll get used to all this mystery." "Of course you will! Ah, we are home!" xhamsters Ely pointed ahead. They drove through xhamster geschichten a small gate and the house came into view. It was a large, square, two story house, obviously old but very well maintained. xhamster odir The driveway was a long one and while driving it, Greg had time to see the xmaster.com grounds. It wasn't a yard, it was "grounds." xhamster mom Once xhamster photo they passed through the gate, Ely told Greg that he owned all the land they could see from that point. Greg started saying, "Wow!" over and over again. "I have services that take care of the place when I'm away," Ely said. "I take care of everything myself when I'm home. I called them yesterday while you were sleeping and told them we would be arriving hamster.com today. They won't be here, but they will have stocked the kitchen so we shouldn't need to go running errands for a few days." They carried the suitcases inside and left them by a large curving staircase in a foyer that was xhamster xxx big enough to x hamsters hold xhamster tube quite a party in. With their arms around each other's waists, Ely xhamster.com showed Greg around the house: the living room with a fireplace that took up one whole wall, a large den with a grand piano at one end, a huge kitchen that x.hamster still had the original walk-in fireplace designed for cooking, the formal dining room with it's own fireplace and seating for 12 at an old free xhamster and intricately carved table, and a library with books xhamster hd on all four walls from floor to ceiling with a rolling ladder to reach the top ones. xhamster porn Greg said "Wow!" in each room. They xmaster took hamster xxx the suitcases upstairs where there were five separate bedrooms including a master suite with it's own sitting room, balcony, and hot xhamster spanking tub. Every room in the house was filled with xxxhamster antiques. The furniture was handmade, porno large, bulky, but comfortable x hampster looking. Tapestries were everywhere. Tables free xhamster were covered with knick knacks that even Greg could tell at a glance were old and very expensive. The entire house showed money - old money - and impeccable taste. Back downstairs Greg turned around and around and smiled. "How old is this place?" he asked, then squinted his eyes like he was a little afraid of the answer. "It was originally settled in the late 1500's, but it was only a cottage then. One of the first bankers bought it with the land, and built this house sometime around 1630. He had foresight, quite a bit of it actually, hence his success as a banker. He had the original cottage dismantled and re-erected at the rear of the property xhamster categories for posterity. I use it as a storage cottage for the equipment to care for the grounds." "When did you xhamster pics buy it?" Greg asked as he ran his fingers over the detailed moulding xhamster com around the door of the library. "In 1763," Ely said hamster sex matter of factly. Greg rolled his xhamster free porn eyes again. "Wow!" he said x video for the umpteenth x-hamster time since their arrival. "This is gonna take some getting used to, dude!" Ely laughed and kissed Greg, "And that's xhamster free not all," he teased, and pointed to some of the books. "I have been collecting these books since then. This entire library is quite priceless. I'll have to show you the alarm systems very soon." Greg looked at the books like they were something that could attack him and laughed. "Don't worry about me, dude! I'm just too happy to be here to xhamster mess with anything." "Greg, Greg!" Ely snickered as xhamster categories he hugged Greg, "My love - this is your home now. This is no www.xhamster.com longer my house, but our house. You can 'mess' with anything you want." Greg hugged Ely back and let his hand slide down to Ely's butt, "Including you?" he teased. "Especially me!" Ely laughed and gave Greg's butt a playful slap. "But come out back with me. I have something more to show you!" They went out through the kitchen door onto a huge stone terrace. It wasn't a simple patio. The stones were obviously as old as the house and worn xhamstercom smooth from the years of traffic. They stretched from one end of the house to the other. The terrace was xhamster tube almost as wide as the house itself. Here and there, seemingly random, the stones gave way to plants and small trees, obviously meticulously cared for. Beyond the terrace was a smallish hamsterx swimming pool with a porno xhamster hot tub built into hamster tube one end. Hedges surrounded the place, tall enough to block any view. They walked https //xhamster.com to the hedges to a tiny gate, xhamster lesbian and beyond the gate was the beach and the ocean. "Wow!" Greg said again. "Greg!" Ely laughed, "You are going to have to work on expanding your vocabulary!" As an answer Greg xhamster videos swept Ely up in his arms and kissed him. They stripped down naked right where they stood and Greg jumped on Ely's cock xhamster pics and rode him hard until Ely's cum squished xhamsterlive out of Greg's ass. Greg stayed on that cock and shot his load all over Ely's face. They stood up with cum running down some part of both of them and Ely peeked out the gate. "There's no one out there!" he told Greg. "Come, let's rinse off," and he ran naked xh across the beach with Greg right behind xhamster femdom him watching Ely's tight little butt cheeks jiggling, and ran right into the ocean. They both dove into a wave and splashed around and splashed each other and then stood in the water xhamsters videos wrapped up in each other, kissing, while the waves pounded into them almost knocking them down. "This is the first time," site xhamster.com xhamster Greg told Ely, "I ever seen the ocean!" Ely smiled and kissed Greg again, "You xhamster femdom are going to have a grand time here," he said, "I'll have to show you how to hunt for shells and teach you to snorkle and so much more!" They stood in the water and xhamster vintage held each other and made out porn xhamster a while. They had to wait a little bit to leave the water until the beach was emtpy again. Then they ran back to the house with their dicks swinging and butts jiggling and laughing. They rinsed the xhamster mature sand off their feet with xhamster/ a hose at the xhamster stories gate. "I xhamster photos feel funny," Greg said as they gathered up their clothes and walked across the patio toward the kitchen. "It's the salt in x hamster the water," Ely told xhamster mobile him. "The water x hamster.com dries from xhamster porno your body x hamester but the salt remains. It feels like free porn a film of some sort covering you. A shower with fresh water is all you need." They went back upstairs to take a shower, and one xhamster geschichten of the first things they learned was that if they were in any kind of a hurry for whatever reason, they had to take showers separately, or one mature xhamster of them fucked the other under the spray until the water turned cold. The first week they stayed at the house. The house and grounds were surrounded by the extra tall hedges and Ely and Greg stayed butt xhamster milf naked xhamster categories the whole week. They ate naked and hung out naked and ran around outside xmaster naked. When xhamster gay one of them https //xhamster.com/ got horny he simply walked up to xhampster.com the other one and fucked him. Since Greg and, technically, Ely were both teenagers, one of them or the other was always horny. They swam naked in the ocean when no one was around and played with each other in the pool when the beach was crowded. Greg noticed on the first night that Ely wasn't exaggerating about cooking being a passion. He sat in the kitchen and hamsterxxx watched and grinned as Ely chopped and peeled xhamster deutsch and mixed and stirred and brought everything to stand still while he tasted. Greg helped when he could, and felt that Ely wasn't merely cooking - he was performing. But the food was the best Greg ever had so he didn't mind Ely's theatrics in the kitchen at all. Ely noticed that Greg seemed to enjoy paying attention to the details of the architecture of the house and to the detailing xhamster videos inside. He explained that it was all done in the 1600's when such work was done by hand by artists in that field. They were few and far between and didn't come cheap. Toward the end of the week Greg was in the library looking at some of the older books. The one he had open on the desk was properly bound, but the pages were covered in a curious style of calligraphy. Ely came in and sat his bare butt on the desk, pointed to the book and told Greg, "This one and a few others xhamaster I occasionally lease to x video museums. They are worth fortunes individually." "This doesn't look like it came off a printing press," Greg xhamster/ said. "It didn't," Ely answered. "It was copied by hand. I bought the book xhamster. in Europe when it was new. I had to order it special, xhamster videos as the copying took painstakingly long and was only done when the sale of the book was assured." "I'd be scared to xhamster .com keep something like this in my house!" Greg said. Ely xhamster deutsch had xhamsters already shown Greg the protection the house had, and it was impressive. Greg xhamster. was amazed at the things Ely had. The entire house was a museum in its own right. Ely pulled xhamter up a chair and sat at the desk opposite Greg. He leaned forward and put his chin in his clasped hands. "What do you want to do, xhamster de Greg?" "Do about what?" "With your life. What do you want to be? To become?" Greg scrunched up his eyebrows. "Well, I thought that free porn was already x-hamster decided," he said while he rubbed his x master neck. The hickeys xhamster vintage were both xmaster.com gone. "You have already decided what to do in your after life. xhamster desi But you still need to find a passion to keep xha you occupied during your human life." "Well..." Greg thought a bit, "I always been interested in architecture. I dreamed sometimes about being an architect," he said and lowered his eyes as if xham he was expecting Ely to laugh as others have. Ely didn't laugh, "I suspected as xhamster japanese much," he nodded. He rapped his knucles on the desk top like a judge with a gavel. "Then an architect you shall be!" he xhamster xxx announced. "Aww..." Greg mumbled, "I don't know if I can really be one. But it would be hamster x nice." Ely reached across the desk and cupped Greg's face in both hands, making Greg look in his eyes. "Greg!" he said and smiled, "I told you before I came to you because of your potential, and I meant that." He tapped Greg's head with his finger xhamster live tips. "You have a wonderful brain in this head. Until hamster porno now you simply weren't given the opportunity to make use of it. Right now your brain is similar to a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces xhamester are all there, but they are mixed up." Ely carressed Greg's face, xhamster japanese "What you xxxhamster need to do now, is re-arrange those pieces so they porno fit together, and xhamster photos then you can do wonderous things. But you need to re-arrange them xhamster com in a systematic, organized, step by xhamster spanking step manner." Greg looked a little confused but xhamster. com didn't say anything. Ely saw the look and knew the thought. "What you need," he told Greg, "is an education." "You mean xhamster mobile I need to xhamster indian go college?" "Exactly," Ely said. "There you will be taught the means to organize your thoughts, and before you object, an education is not as frightening as it may seem to you now." "Did you xhamsters videos go to college?" Ely snickered, "Yes, I suppose you could say that." "Meaning what? Did you go or didn't you?" "In the centuries I have been here," Ely looked Greg in the eye, "I have graduated from 14 universities." Greg's hamsterx eyes bugged out, x hamster "What?!? You went to 14 colleges?!?" Ely laughed, "Yes, porn yes I did." Greg looked away with his eyes mature xhamster wide and mouth hanging open. Then he gay xhamster looked back at Ely. "On purpose!?!?" Ely almost fell out of his chair laughing. "Yes! On purpose," Ely said when he could talk again, "You will have to take my word for it, but it actually becomes fun, and as the xhamster sex years go by you can go xhmaster back anytime you want. For most of us, getting an education in different fields of xhamster japan study becomes something of a hobby." He got out of his chair and walked around exhamster and pulled Greg xhampster out of his chair and hugged him. "If you wish to study architecture, then that is what you will study. I will porn xhamster help xhamster odir you, and I hope you can see that I should be xhamster spanking something of porno hamster a fairly competent study partner." "Wow..." Greg looked out the window again, "College, huh....." Ely laid on the desk and pulled Greg on top of him. They made out for xhamster deutsch a hamster xhamster hd few minutes. "I xhamster xxx know you," Ely said as he traced Greg's face with his finger tips, "so much better hamster porn than you xhamstercom think I do. To you, we only met a couple of weeks ago. But I actually have known you much longer than that." "How do you mean?" "Again you must take my word for it and not ask why. But I was told about you when you were still a young boy. I have been to your town several times and watched and evaluated you." Greg tensed up a bit but said nothing. "I know many things about you that you may not be aware of yourself. We have met https //xhamster.com/ before but I made myself look different. When we made eye contact x.hamster then, I knew you. I knew all of hamsterx you. It was then that I fell in love xhamster jepang with you. I am not talking about loving you as if an infatuation from the past two weeks, but from years of studying you. I didn't expect it myself, but I fell in love a long time hamster porno ago with who you are and who you are xxx hamster going to be." Greg just looked at Ely, "Your eyes, right? You sort of read me xhamsters.com with your eyes, didn't you?" "Yes, I did. I hope that doesn't upset you. I meant it from my heart that evening in the woods when I told you that no one has captured my heart as you have." Greg didn't know what to say. Even his parents porno hamster never told him they loved him that he could remember. xha Ely was the first to actually say x.hamster it, and he's said it twice now. Greg didn't know how he felt, xhamster com either. He x-hamster looked at Ely laying xhamsters.com under xhamsterlive him on the desk and could tell that Ely didn't expect Greg to say that he too was in xhamster mom love. All Greg did was lean down and kiss Ely; the longest kiss they'd shared yet. And as has been usual for them since they met, Greg xh ended up between Ely's xhamster lesbian legs and by the time the sun went down, they were both sweating profusely and the xhamster indonesia desk top was slippery. Greg raised himself up on his elbows and gave Ely a quick afterglow kiss and simply said as he snickered, "Okay dude, I'll go to college." They both laughed and headed once again to the shower. If the shower had been a living thing, it would have been afraid to see the two x hampster of them heading toward it yet again! _________________________________________________________________________ CHAPTER THREE The nurse entered the cubicle to check Greg's vital signs again. She told Greg and Ely that there were several gentlemen in the waiting room. "Ah," Ely told Greg, "The boys are arriving." "If you'd like," the nurse told Greg, "We can move you to a larger room, and they can all come in and x hamster.com sit with you. Or we can do the usual and let them xhamster milf come in two at a time for a few minutes each." "I know what happens," Greg said slowly. He was noticeably weaker. "When a person dies, hamsterporn I know what the body does. I don't want the boys to see m